Grapefull to be Here

For the last 3+ weeks we have enjoyed camping in a quiet campground just over the North Carolina state line near North Myrtle Beach. It is the kind of campground that makes this RV journey worth while.

The name of the campground is Grapefull Sisters Vineyard and Carrollwoods RV Park. It contains the Inn ‘dVine, nice vineyards and a small area for RVs…about 25 spaces. Soon after we got here we heard a knock on the door and found a lovely family standing there welcoming us to their park. They had been out of town for a funeral but wanted to make sure we felt welcomed. They have 3 daughters who all appear to be under age 10, who we often saw running around the grounds barefoot on some great adventure.

The Vineyard, Inn and campground are all family owned and operated. We were told that virtually all the houses up and down the road nearby were some sort of family. We asked what church they attended and we were invited to Old Zion Wesleyan in Bug Hill, NC….just 1.5 miles up the road. It was a very nice church that has a number of community ministries and connections. They made us feel welcomed and we enjoyed our time of fellowship with them very much.

Grapefull Sisters has an Inn that offers a few nice rooms to stay in and a lovely location for outdoor weddings. They had a wedding last Saturday and it was beautifully decorated. The Grapefull Sisters make a unique wine with the grapes they grow. According to their web site the Muscadine grapes, known as “Native American Grapes”, are naturally low in sugar and are extremely high in antioxidants (resveratrol) – 40 times higher in antixodants than other┬ávinifera grapes.

This will be one of those campgrounds that we will keep on a short list for the next time we come through the area.