Knock Knock_______Hoosier??


is the official name for a resident of the state of Indiana. Although residents of most  states typically adopt a derivative of the state name, e.g., “Indianan” or “Indianian”, natives of Indiana never use these derivatives. Indiana adopted the nickname “Hoosier State” more than 150 years ago. – Wikipedia

We got back to Indiana today and are setup in the campground where we first began. Seven months ago we “RV’d” for the first time at this campground in New Castle. It is located next door to the dealer where we purchased our 5th wheel and tomorrow morning they will be doing some repair work for us.

Last year we didn’t know how to run anything and spent a couple of nights learning how to do basic things….like turning on the furnace or getting the TV to work. We received a 10 minute lesson on how to hook up the trailer, a pat on the back and we were on our way. We were newbies by any definition.

Fast-forward 7 months and we’ve had our share of experiences on and off the road. We’ve dealt with traffic and campgrounds of all types. We’ve seen some of our country that we never thought we would get around to seeing and met some really neat people.  In comparison…this afternoon we drove into the campground and were setup with water and electricity, satellite was working and Internet up and running….all in about 15 minutes.

After repairs are done tomorrow we drive to Anderson to stay for a couple of months then to Michigan for the remainder of the summer. Next time we are back in this campground to visit our dealer we will do another level check on our RV maturity.

Today was strange because we left the south where spring is in full bloom and here in Indiana we see the leaves are not fully out on the trees and farm fields do not have their crops planted yet….it feels like we did an actual rewind of about a month and now we get to live through spring again.