Spring House Cleaning

In spring it is fairly typical for people to open their windows to air their homes out and perform a thorough cleaning. “Google” the phrase “Spring Cleaning List” and you find an assortment of activities people do. Most of the work deals with cleaning walls, bathrooms, shampooing carpet and vacuuming the cobwebs out of the corners.

Since we live in an RV and do not stay in winter weather…we (mostly Mary) have no problem keeping everything aired out and clean. If you cannot keep 600 sq feet clean you probably have other issues. Generally I take care of the vehicles and Mary the inside of the RV for the day-to-day responsibilities.

However the one activity on our list that is not usually on other people’s list…is to scrub the outside of our house from top to bottom. The roof material is a stretched rubber material and the sides are fiberglass with paint and some decals.

General outside maintenance includes cleaning, treating the rubber seals on the slides and applying anti-rust lubrication on all the joints of the hydraulics etc.

Although Mary and I don’t necessarily divide work based on gender….getting on the roof to scrub it has been officially deemed by her as a “man’s” job.

I don’t argue with the boss.