Sunday Surprises

What do Soul Frogs, human hair for sale and Baptist churches have in common? These are three of the things we found this morning.

Last night we looked online for a church to attend. We did not find very many “community church” options. A couple of them looked like rock concerts with big light shows so we declined.  There were also the usual handful of Luthern, Methodist and Catholic options.

It was pretty obvious that this was Baptist country. There are just so many ways you can name a church and include the word “Baptist” but I think they have every variation represented. We attended a nice service at a fairly large church and enjoyed our time there.

After church we drove through a couple of small towns in the area looking for a place to eat dinner. We found that many restaurants were closed on Sunday. This was a bit of a shock since we hadn’t seen that for years. McDonald’s was open but we all know that Ronald McDonald is an agnostic so that didn’t count. We also noticed how many companies and businesses had closed for good.

We did find a buffet (of sorts) that had a fairly good selection of typical southern food including tea that was so sweet it was undrinkable. I asked them for an unsweetened glass of tea for my northern palette. As we stood in line to pay for our food I saw a large collection of “Soul Frogs” which looked cool, but I managed to hang onto my billfold.

We then continued the drive back to our campground and saw a very strange sign. They were selling human hair. I don’t know what that was all about but decided to get out of town quickly just in case they were eyeing a possible scalping of the outsiders.