Tax Deadline


1. A time limit, as for payment of a debt or completion of an assignment.

2. A boundary line in a prison that prisoners can cross only at the risk of being shot.

(You choose the one that fits best)


Tax time in recent years has been interesting for us. As the kids left home and we began to pay the house off, our deductions were not as plentiful. We could deduct charitable contributions, mortgage expenses and taxes, but that was about it. To combat the surprises at year-end Mary started making quarterly estimated payments that kept the final bill to Uncle Sam to a minimum. It was a bit unpleasant when we filed our taxes and still owed money.

This past year was a huge transition year for us. We sold our home of 16 years, bought 2 new vehicles and a 5th wheel, donated or gave away most of our material belongings and Mary retired.

She took her organizational skills and began to prepare for the tax battle.¬†She was meticulous in keeping detailed receipts from Goodwill and Helping Hands for everything we donated during the summer. Add the amounts for sales tax and licenses for our new vehicles plus our normal deductions…and she was ready for battle.

Her favorite tools of warfare are her laptop and TurboTax software. I completed my only assignment which was to shut-up, sit down and hang on. I made sure she did not have to do any food preparation or worry about other tasks around the house…although I still don’t know how to run the washer/dryer. I would jump up occasionally and take her for a walk break and as of last night she had the work nearly completed…and we are getting a great refund.

Next year it will be another story but this year we are both doing our happy dance.


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