The Real Cape Fear

1.) Cape Fear is a coastal plain and tidewater region of North Carolina centered about the city of Wilmington. The region takes its name from the adjacent Cape Fear headland, as does the Cape Fear River which flows through the region and empties into the Atlantic Ocean near the cape

2.) Cape Fear is a 1962 film starring Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum and Polly Bergen. It was directed by J. Lee Thompson, and released on April 12, 1962. The movie concerns an attorney whose family is stalked by a criminal he helped to send to jail.

Today we visited the first Cape Fear defined above…the coastal area around Wilmington, NC. We have seen ads and commercials for the Azalea Festival that is held annually in Wilmington. A large section of the city is dedicated to a street fair, concerts, garden tours, ribbon cutting and a parade. There is also an Azalea Queen out there somewhere. We went today to see that area of the state and visit the Azalea capital.

Now we know what the phrase “Cape Fear” actually means. It is the fear that festival planners get when spring comes about 2 weeks earlier than most years….and the azaleas have already bloomed and gone away…oops.

We saw a lot of nice eateries and of course festival booths selling every imaginable festival food (you know what that includes)….but alas…we fear the azaleas were nowhere to be found. We saw more flowers in the last 4 weeks in Charleston and Savannah than in Wilmington.

Blame it on Global Warming.