Tools of the Trade

We’ve all heard the phrase “Tools of the Trade”. It simply means “the things that are needed in order to do a job“.

My dad was a journeyman tool & die man so he had tool drawers full of micrometers, drill bits, wrenches and all sorts of metal-working tools.

A good car mechanic will have access to a quality lift, torque wrenches, metric and American sockets, meters, good lighting and a pin-up girl calendar.

A pro fisherman has a high-speed boat, a dozen different rods and enough lures for a small fishing village in South America.

Woodworkers can have so many gadgets for tweaking wood they need an entire shop just to store them (have you watched “Ask This Old House”?)

Golf…don’t even start with all the “stuff” they use.

All of these people would be the first to tell you the difference in doing well in your occupation and being a STAR is the tools.

Since Mary and I plan to spend a good deal of time each year staying near the beaches of our oceans or the Great Lakes…..we need the proper “Tools of the Trade”. We need to look like one of the locals when we use the beach. You know who the amateurs are when you go. They usually just sit in the sand with a beach towel, looking pale and out of place. Sometimes they have a lot of junk but it took a dozen trips to the car to drag everything to their spot.

The locals are tanned, wrinkled and make the entrance and exit to the beach a thing of beauty. They do it with style and efficiency making people think they must live right across the street and do it everyday.

We have evaluated a wide variety of tools and wanted to share with you beach ‘wannabe” people out there some “Tools of the Trade”.