Turkish Delight

I confess…I am becoming a coffee snob. I realize I don’t drink just any coffee and prefer a straight espresso over a froo-froo blended drink. Hearing the word ‘instant’ makes me cringe and I am becoming more knowledgeable about coffee and harshly critiquing the brews that come from various cafes.

Being a coffee snob is a real grind and it takes a lot of time. I purchase only whole beans that represent areas of the world (Sumatra preferred) from a few select stores. This may mean driving 50 miles to a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or finding a local roaster I can trust. I choose a light or dark roast, pull out my burr grinder and decide if I want to make a French press or an espresso-type with my AeroPress coffee maker. I will probably play around with the latest Portland trend of the pour-over….but not yet.

I yearn for the day when I pushed a button and my drip coffeemaker created a pot of Folger’s….and I was happy.

I may have found an answer to simplify my life. TURKISH COFFEE. You grind the coffee extremely fine (basically into dust), measure out water into the copper Turkish Coffee Pot (Cezve/Ibrik), stir in the coffee, carefully bring to a slow boil and pour out a shot of the good stuff into your Turkish Coffee Cups (Fincan).