Bad Medicine

In the late ’80s Bon Jovi wrote a rock ballad called “Bad Medicine” and I’m sure he was talking about pizza.

Today I went to the Doctor for a 6 month follow-up to see how my blood pressure and blood sugar is doing. The game plan is to check in with him a couple times a year and review my  progress and today was the day.

He was delighted and did a little happy dance in the office.

My blood pressure is excellent and my blood sugar is almost perfect. To top it all off I have lost about 30 lbs. since I saw him last. He told me that this was the easiest appointment of the day and said to keep doing what I have been doing.

Sounded like a plan to me.

So…..since I won’t see him for another 6 months we decided to go get some medicine that we would really like…..PIZZA. We could not remember the last time we had a delicious pizza so it became our “Bad Medicine” choice of the day.

We tried a little pizzeria that came highly recommended called “Greeks Pizzeria” – it is located near the campus of Anderson University. The founder has spent his life running pizza places throughout the Midwest and it was clear that he knows pizza.

It’s just what the Doctor ordered.