Goin’ Mo-bile

In 1971 Peter Townsend, of the group “The Who,” wrote a song about the dream of living his life being mobile. It was one of the lighter songs found on their album “Who’s Next” and a good one to sing along with when traveling.

I’m going home
And when I want to go home, I’m going mobile
Well I’m gonna find a home on wheels, see how it feels,
Goin’ mobile
I can pull up by the curb,
I can make it on the road,
Goin’ mobile
I can stop in any street
And talk with people that we meet
Goin’ mobile
Keep me moving

It is a fun song but the reality of being mobile is you need to think about your life and what is required to keep things organized when you do not stay in one location for long.

Some of the things we do that make sense for us as we travel include:

– Placed our prescriptions at Wal-Mart. You register your original prescriptions and when you need to get one re-filled – go online, select the prescription and the Wal-Mart pharmacy that you are near, hit the enter button and within a few hours you get an email or phone call saying the prescription is ready.

– Moved our basic car maintenance to Sears Auto. They maintain a record and keep track of what has been worked on with our car.

– Moved the majority of our business online but when mail needs to be received we can have it forwarded to the local post office under the category of “General Delivery” – they will hold it for up to 30 days.

– Use a debit card at a Wal-mart and get cash back instead of using an ATM machine – no ATM fees!

– Fitness – we joined Anytime Fitness – one of the largest fitness organizations – allows you to use any of the hundreds of locations around the country. We try to workout at least 3 times a week.