Home Base

Home Base…a place from which operations or activities are carried out…headquarters.

When we meet people at various campgrounds we almost always get the same question…”Where is your home base?” Many campers still have their home even though they are on the road most of the year because they can’t bring themselves to get rid of it. Their home base is where they identify with their lives and the things that are important to them. When they are there they feel comfortable.

Central Indiana is our home base and when we come back to the area we get a chance to re-connect with friends and family in a way that is very comfortable. Four of our five grandchildren are in this area (along with their parents…I forget their names) and our neighborhood of 16 years is just down the road…so it is a good place to call our home base.

In the first few days of being here we will have attended the following:

– Graduation ceremony at karate class for 4 year old
– Soccer game for 6 year old
– Little league game for another 6 year old
– Girl Scout graduation ceremony for 6 year old
– Cookout to celebrate son’s 34th birthday
– Helped oldest son haul some dirt with my truck
– Slip n Slide party with 4 grandkids
– Hangout day with friends (that included getting a beat-down in Euchre)

When I thought about coming back to this area I assumed our activity level would decrease since we did not have mountains and rivers to hike or new places to see. However we are putting on a lot of miles on our little car and enjoying being back at our Home Base.