Indy 500

Major cities in the United States tend to have something they are known for…something that helps define who they are as a people. For Indianapolis it is the Indy 500 race that is run on Memorial Day weekend every year. As with other major events it is really more than just the race itself.

It all started on May 10th when they held the Indy 500 Golf Outing which costs a bundle to get into.

May 12th was the Opening Day for the 2012 Indianapolis 500 and featured an all day celebration of everything automobile.

May 13th thru May 17th were the practice days and the results were usually mentioned on the local evening news.

May 18th is “Fast Friday” when the last of the serious practice takes place.

May 19th brings Pole Day Qualifications. Of course there is news coverage all day

May 20th was Armed Forces “Bump” Day when the qualification final eliminations took place.

May 23th was the Festival Community Day at the track and was open to the public (for a price) to come in and view the 2012 field of cars up close and personal.

May 25th was “Carb” Day which is a carryover of when the cars used to have carburetors and it is actually another day for the teams to fine tune their equipment. Of course there is a big rock concert to go with it and this year Lynyrd Skynyrd was present.

May 26th was Legends Day when the great cars and personalities are honored.

May 27th was the 96th running of the Indianapolis 500 mile race when Dario Franchitti outlasted the field to win his third career win.

So even though Indianapolis has many things to offer…this weekend was truly their big celebration day.