Magnetic Personality

The Diva of RV Do-it-Yourself Design projects is at it again!!!

When you travel there is an unspoken rule that you have to collect something. For senior citizens, like ourselves, a favorite item is a refrigerator magnet in the shape of a state or one that shows you visited a certain tourist destination. The goal would be to someday sit on the porch of your favorite nursing home and point to your collection of all the states and brag a bit (or at least look at them and try to remember).

Meanwhile….how do you display your treasures? Our refrigerator has a wood door!

Mary had tried a couple of ideas but settled on an excellent way to display our magnetic maps and buttons. She decided to use magnetic primer paint that has metal particles in it. After a few coats of it the magnets seemed to stay put just fine. She put one more coat on for good luck and now we are on the cutting edge of RV travel.

You can see why I’m attracted to her….it’s her magnetic personality.