Rain Delay

Rainoutwashoutrain delay

…are all terms regarding an outdoor event, generally a sporting event, delayed or cancelled due to rain, or the threat of rain. (Wikipedia)

We had our first experience with nature’s unpleasant side while we tried to setup camp yesterday.

We picked up our RV from the service shop, hooked up and headed toward the campground in Anderson where we will be spending the next few weeks. Just as we were pulling out of the parking lot the rain kicked in and we drove all the way to Anderson in a downpour.

By the time we arrived in Anderson the rain had slowed down but it was apparent that we were going to get wet doing our setup. The campground owner showed us to our spot and started to help me get the rig backed into a tight space. He offered to back the truck up and I gladly let him do it (he said I could keep my man-card).

He worked the trailer very slowly into the spot and the wheels of the 5th wheel sunk more than 6” into the mud. We  had to put the truck into 4-wheel drive in order to move. Once we got into place (more or less) we could tell the trailer was pretty deep into the mud and that was not acceptable.

It was time for Plan “B”.

The owner moved us temporarily to another spot and started working on our site to bring in some stone and gravel to  fill the ruts in the mud. Another downpour started as soon as we were set up in the temporary site.

This morning the owner continued to fill and smooth the gravel and we moved into our site this afternoon.

It was truly a rain delay in the purest sense of the word.