Redbox Weight Loss Program

Weight loss fads usually find a hook or a gimmick that the program is based upon.

A quick scan of the Internet found these fad diets:

– Acai Berry diet
– 3-day diet
– Cabbage Soup Diet
– Hollywood diet
– Apple Cider Vinegar diet
– Sacred Heart diet
– Beverly Hills diet
– Grapefruit diet
– Tapeworm diet (yuukkk)

This morning I had an idea for a new diet that combines the things we love into a single weight-loss program. Many of us enjoy being couch potatoes and watching movies. What if you could combine these activities into a fad diet?

The Redbox Diet seems to fit the bill.

Yesterday we stopped at a Redbox outside of a McDonald’s and rented a movie. It was a love story “chick-flick” and we watched it last night.

I got the bright idea we could get up in the morning and walk to the closet Redbox machine and return it. The distance was a 5 mile round trip. Since it was going to be in the mid-80’s today we got an early start. We rested in the air conditioning at McDonald’s, drank an ice tea, rented another movie (War Horse) and then started the trip back. We are pretty much done for the day and it is just noon.

Now if we could market the idea of renting a movie and then walking the movie back to the closest Redbox it just might take off as a nationwide diet fad.

I see books, DVDs and motivational speaking engagements in my future.