This Old House

You learn to do without certain things when you live in an RVĀ full-time. For example…you don’t have a garage to work on projects or park your cars. You don’t have space to carry very many power tools so you are limited in the projects you can tackle.

The 5th wheel is constructed a little different than most houses. All the plumbing is high-tech plastic and the framing studs are metal so putting things on the wall require different mounting methods.

Mary saw a project on Pinterest that used old water shut-off valve handles to make coat hooks. So for the last few months we have looked for some handles as we checked out the local flea markets and antique stores. We found some in a small antique store in Walterboro, SC.

We still had some pieces of antique wood we had purchased near our home town in Indiana so Mary mounted the handles to the wood…and the wood to the wall.

She should have her own TV show.