Welcome Home

When you come back home there are always people who go out of their way to welcome you and make sure they meet you. We had a special visit a few days ago.

For the purpose of mail and insurance records we registered our “official” address in Indiana.  On Tuesday we went to vote for the first time in the new county we are registered in.  As soon as we drove off the expressway and onto a lovely five lane highway we were immediately greeted by one of the county officials. They saw us coming.

The nice policeman pulled me over and walked toward the car. I immediately took off my sun glasses, turned off the rap music and said “yes sir” and “no sir” many times. I took full responsibility for my actions and I explained that we were going to vote….like good citizens. He took our documents and went back to his car. Apparently our car was to blame – it was going 55 mph in a 40 mph zone. I should have known you cannot trust a Scion. I hoped that my total show of respect would at least knock off 5 miles from the ticket and save me some money.

He returned with a warning and told me to drive more carefully. Then he told us how to get to the jr high school where we were supposed to vote. Our Homecoming ended up being a nice day after all.