Dark Night

Last year, when we started our journey, some of our friends gave us goodbye gifts. We got an electronic subscription to our small town’s weekly newspaper, Starbucks cards, fuel cards (which we used immediately) and a gift card for AMC theaters. The idea would be that we could go to a movie while we were on the road.

When we remembered that we had the movie  theater gift card….we were not close to an AMC theater…until today.

Today we decided to travel to South Bend, IN to get an oil change for our car at the Sears Auto and see the movie “Brave“. It was a nice day and it felt good to be out and about. We did not see the movie title on the electronic board at the theater so we asked to be sure. The ticket guy told us they were getting geared up for the big premiere release of the new Batman movie at midnight called “The Dark Knight Rises“. Apparently they have been sold out for days and were going to show the movie in as many of the movie rooms as possible – the board had been changed in preparation but our movie was still being shown.  We grabbed some snacks and went to watch our movie.

When we came out it was obvious they were getting ready for Batman to show up. The workers were dressed in Batman costumes including a few as the Joker. It was a little spooky but the worst was when I went to the men’s restroom and saw 5 guys dressed as Batman (complete with capes) standing at the urinals with their back to me. I would have taken a picture but some things you just don’t do in a restroom.

In all….it was a good Knight.