Ground Zero Drought

I have come to appreciate the cycles of  weather and how it affects the farming community after living 16 years in rural Indiana. I have seen it so wet that it is almost impossible to get crops planted and so dry that it stunts the crops.

I’ve never seen a drought….but we have one now.

We pulled into our camp sight on the first of May in a torrential downpour. Our lot was so muddy that the owner had us park  in another spot while he put new gravel on the site. It felt like a typical May to us…however we didn’t know it was the last significant rain we would see as of yet this summer.

With multiple days over 100 degrees and the sun so hot  it is unbearable to go outside, we are seeing the fields shrivel up and farmers beginning to declare the crops are basically going to be lost for this year. On the national news they are saying that central Indiana is basically “ground zero” for the drought in the midwest.

I like sunshine but I would really enjoy seeing about 5 days of gentle rain.