Hook, Line and Sinker

In our travels we find some great fishing opportunities and thought we may want to take advantage and do some fishing. I knew Mary loved to fish since on our honeymoon she got me out  in a small boat in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and trolled for walleye. She also taught our kids to fish for fresh water pan fish. As our kids became adults we stopped fishing and gave away most of our old gear.

While spending time in the Carolinas earlier in the year we decided it was time for a fishing intervention…and to get some basic equipment.

Walking into a Bass Pro Shop can be a scary moment. It is like a super Wal-Mart for fishing equipment. We did a preliminary walk-thru and decided to go home and hit the Internet to get caught up on what would be considered basic equipment.

We picked a slow time of the day and returned to the Bass Pro Shop.  We told a salesman we wanted to purchase whatever we needed to go fishing. He started out by asking us what we knew about fishing – so we shared with him we used to fish with a hook, bobber and a willing worm.

He smiled and asked us how much we wanted to spend.

During the next hour he walked us through the basics of what we needed. He recommended a nice rod and reel combination and then started telling us about bait. He was the bass fishing instructor for the store and he started telling us about the different ways to “rig” your bait.

You’ve got the Weightless Rig, the Unpegged Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Mojo Rig and just about anyway you can imagine setting up a fake worm and hook combination.

The game plan is to purchase a fishing license every time we are going to be in the same place for a period of time. We are moving to Michigan in a week for the remainder of the summer camping season and will be staying along a major river and located near many inland lakes.

We will share pictures of our fishing success when we catch our first batch.