The Doldrums

The doldrums are noted for calm periods when the winds disappear altogether, trapping sail-powered boats for periods of days or weeks. When the winds are gone the sea actually has no swells, on a clear day the color of the sky is reflected in the water. At night the same effect, with no clouds or moon, gives one the effect of floating in space.  – Wikipedia

To start our journey in 2011 Mary retired a year early and I continue to teach online for a few universities. When we look for a campground we look for good Internet access or a good 3G/4G signal so I can continue to work. Without good Internet access I visit McDonald’s or Starbucks. Each university I work for offers me a class at a time and they all have a different schedule. One works on a traditional semester, another on a 9-week schedule and the last one provides classes in a 5-week format.

I never know what I will be offered but I never turn any offer down. During fall, winter and spring I typically have all the work I can handle…and then some. However, the summer months tend to slow down a bit with the amount of work offered to me. I wrapped up two classes today. I have been contracted for some classes starting with the fall semester but August is going to be a quiet month with only a couple of classes in the queue.

I call this time of the year the “doldrums”.

During this time of the year I get a sense of how what kind of a retiree I will be. I’m used to balancing a lot of work, summer trips, and my daily routine. I am only investing a couple of hours a day to keep up with school work and find that I get “antsy”. I guess I can understand a bit about retirees that end up going a little crazy when they find themselves in the doldrums.

Time to work on my tan.