The Latest Buzz

BUZZAnything that creates excitement or stimulus—–Urban Dictionary

We just moved our rig to Michigan and are settling into a nice campground. We have experienced extreme heat for the last month so I haven’t had a chance to get out and clean our 5th wheel. The morning temps are now in the 70’s and today is a beautiful sunny day…time to wash and detail the Big Sky. I started by getting on the roof to check the A/C vents and then scrubbed down the entire top.

So far so good.

Then I decided to try out a new tool….our lightweight extendable ladder. It collapses into itself and uses very little storage space yet extends to a height that allows me to reach anywhere. I began the process of working my way down the side of the trailer. The routine is to scrub and rinse about a 6 foot section, apply some spray and wipe wax…then dry it down. This allows me to detail the cracks and crevices.

When I  reached the area by the door and porch, I was at the top of the ladder when a wasp started to buzz around my head. I’m really not intimidated by bees and other stinging critters so I whipped my small wet towel around my head to scare the wasp away. I had no idea that the branch of a tree directly behind my head contained a nest that was bigger than a softball.

I unknowingly whacked that nest with my wet towel and the number of wasps immediately went from 1 to about 100. I discovered how fast I can get off a ladder. Basically I went airborne while still about 4 steps up.

I was stung about a half dozen times but, thankfully, there were no injuries from the “ladder leap”. After gathering myself and realizing what had happened…I informed one of the campground owners about the wasp nest.  He sprayed the nest and then cut the branch off to haul the it somewhere else.

My plan is to use this incident to garner all the sympathy I can from my darling spouse.