The Truck is Officially Named

Many of the full-time RV folks name their trucks, 5th wheels or motorhomes.  I have heard some good ones for the big trucks…like “Seymore” or “Thor”. I have chosen the name of a robot from one of the first science fiction movies I saw as a kid.

GORT – is a fictional humanoid robot in the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still and its 2008 remake.

The eight-foot metal robot accompanies Klaatu, a visitor to Earth from a distant planet, aboard a flying saucer. He does not speak, but uses a beam weapon projected from beneath a visor to vaporize weapons and obstacles. Klaatu describes him as being part of an interstellar police force. He announces that the people of the universe constructed numerous robots like Gort and gave them irrevocable powers to respond to violent actions in order to “preserve the peace.” He goes on to say that “There’s no limit to what Gort could do. He could destroy the Earth.” Wikipedia

In the movie, Gort stood next to the spaceship and protected it. He was very powerful and watched over everything. When we get to a campground and park our rig…the truck is parked next to it and not used very much until we are ready to move again. So….Gort will be the protector of our spacecraft and keep an eye on everything while we go sight-seeing.

As you can see below apparently GORT the robot has been seen in a lot of special places.


“Klaatu barada nikto”

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