You got to move it, move it

For our daughter and son-in-law…the move to Michigan is not complete. They still have their house in Indiana – getting it ready to be shown, they posted a “For Sale” sign in the yard to see if there would be any bites. They got a couple of phone calls – one couple wanted to see it so an appointment was made.

Time for “RV” mom and dad to get involved.¬†We fueled up the truck and picked up our daughter and the key helper….the grandson (also known as the “Little Man”)

We drove to Indiana and helped around the house prior to the appointment. The lawn was mowed, windows washed, rooms staged and more things boxed up to haul back to Michigan.

It was a very long day but the real champion was the grandson. He provided love and entertainment and didn’t cry until we were on our way home. For just a short 30 minutes he fussed, took a short nap and when he saw his house….life was good again.

When will this be over???