Construction Zone

The campground we are staying at for the next couple of months is owned by the village of Berrien Springs. We often see work crews doing maintenance and landscaping. The village is trying to provide a nice RV experience for people to come to their area and spend money. The monthly cost is about the lowest we have had plus it includes the electricity which is unusual. On top of that….I don’t have to mow the lawn around our RV even though we are renting it by the month.

No complaints.

Our section of our campground has been recently re-configured and is in the process of being substantially upgraded. They started with a clean slate and laid out new roads complete with a number of large pull-thru sites. They also installed new electrical service to provide 50 amps which is required for the larger RVs of today. Our site can fit both of our vehicles parked side-by-side and the 5th wheel –  with room to spare. I can see all the utility connections for sewer, water and electricity are new. The campground roads are black topped but the manager told us that sometime in late August they will put down the final layer to finish it off.

Directly across from our site is a new bath house facility that is getting close to being finished. It looks like it will include toilets, showers, laundry and probably a dish washing area. The last few mornings they have been pouring cement for the sidewalks, floors and stairs. That means by 7:30am we have heard the beeping of the cement trucks backing around our site to position themselves to make the pour.

Yesterday, our 2 year-old grandson stayed the night with us and when he woke I took him out to see the activity. He was pretty excited. The fellow doing the cement work was self-employed and was working extremely hard. He told me that he had worked for years to get his business to where it is now and he did not have anything good to say about Obama. I liked him right away.

It was interesting to note that the building has been built on a man-made hill and will actually be about 8 feet above the level of our RV. The manager said our position along the big St. Joseph river is in a 100 year flood plain so in case there ever was a flood the building and facilities would be fine.

We plan on being out of here by then!!!