Today we went to St. Joseph to check out a possible new house to rent for Beach Week 2013. The cost of the one we rented this year was increasing substantially for next year so it was time to make a move. It was a beautiful day and our daughter was coming with us to go to the beach while we were there.

She came to our RV with the grandson and some pieces from a glider chair Mary is going to re-cover before the twins are born. Upholstering means fabric…..and fabric means Jo-Ann’s so we had our mission defined.

With smartphones in hand we found the JoAnn’s in the area and the ladies checked out the different fabric while grandpa pushed the little guy around terrorizing all the other customers. We then checked out the new rental house – it looked pretty good. We got some lunch at the South Bend Chocolate Factory (the pregnant lady’s choice) and finally went to Silver Beach County Park which is easily the nicest beach in all of Michigan.

Grandson #3 is not quite 2 but today he had a “beach break-thru”. He learned that it was fine to run into the water, plop right down in the lake and let the waves hit him. He would stand on the beach and yell “go-go-go” and then run into the water where grandma was sitting and dive into her – next summer he will be a beach terror. We finished the afternoon by putting him into his car seat and watching him go to sleep within 3 minutes on the way home.

All-in-all….it was a productive day.