Dealing with Change


a. To cause to be different:
b. To give a completely different form or appearance to:
c. Transform

The culture and world we live in is marked by change. If we returned to the towns we grew up in, most of us would expect there to be changes. The roads back to our towns would be marked by changes in the number of  lanes or general layout. Even older McDonald’s are beginning to tear down their stores and build new ones with updated layouts. Does everyone handle these changes the same?

Absolutely not.

Each individual has a limit to how much change they can handle in their lives. At a certain point they simply start to follow a routine because it is one they know and understand. They do not have to process anything new every time they go out so it becomes a comfortable pattern. I was reminded today about one of the more common irritations for some people….the changing of the layout at their favorite big-box super store.

Whether you like them or not…big-box stores like Walmart, Meijer’s and Target are used a lot by families. They provide convenient one-stop shopping.

Mary and I walked into a new Meijer’s to pick up a few things and found the layout of the store to be unfamiliar. Mary did a couple of takes, figured it out and we were off and shopping. I know people who have stopped shopping at their favorite super stores because the store changed the layout and made it impossible for them to find their usual stuff. I realized Mary and I both enjoy the newness of coming into a town we’ve never been in before….learning the local roads and how to get around…learning the layout of the big stores…and where the good coffee shop is located.

So if you’ve reached your limit of random changes in your life…you probably ought to stay right where you are and save the RV for weekend use only.