Don’t Forget Your Chores

1. A routine or minor duty or task.
2. Daily or routine domestic tasks
3. An unpleasant or burdensome task. (

As with any sort of living….there are chores to do around the house. Living in an RV is no different. Since we are camped just a short drive from Lake Michigan, near St. Joseph, we have decided to try and hit the beach a couple times a week during August along with a workout at one of the two Anytime Fitness locations nearby.

However…to justify that kind of leisure time I must be intentional about my chores.

What we have noticed is that many of the full-timers have a routine to do a couple small maintenance items around the RV every day. That may include washing, waxing, reorganization, adjustments….all with the idea that you don’t try to do it all at once.

This morning we walked a little over 2 miles into town and got a coffee (and smoothie) at McDonald’s. With our exercise out of the way Mary went about working on an “Eye-Spy” quilt for our grandson who is approaching his 2-year birthday. She has made a quilt like this for each of the grandchildren for their 2nd birthday and incorporates all kinds of pictures and interesting fabrics that make it unique.

With her quite busy inside working I decided to tackle a few chores. I started by washing both vehicles (Gort and Kermit) and then lubricated the rubber seals that encompass all four of the slides. Finally, I got the bicycles off of the carrier and cleaned and adjusted them so we can ride in the area.

I believe I have earned my reward of dinner tonight.