As a kid I was an avid reader. Part of it was due to long winters in Michigan and also because we only had three Detroit network TV stations…plus another one from Canada. Back in “those days” TV channels actually went off at about 2:00am each night.

Another reason I was a big reader was due to the Christian school I attended through elementary. They taught us to read from the King James translation of the Bible….and if you can read that you can read just about anything.

I was drawn toward adventure novels for kids. I read all of the “Hardy Boys”  books, every single paperback book about the adventures of “Doc Savage” who was a character similar to Indiana Jones…every comic book about the “Justice League of America”…and Science Fiction in general.

Since my folks provided work for me to earn extra money I joined the “Science Fiction Book Club of America”. This club provided a monthly selection of books from all the classic authors and did it at an incredibly low price of around $1 for a hard copy version. At about the age of 11 (early ‘60s) I was introduced to Isaac Asimov. He was the first author I had read whose writings sounded like they could actually happen.  I became a fan when I read his book of short stories called “I, Robot”.

At about the age of twelve I read his work called “The Foundation Trilogy”. It is considered today to be, arguably, the most significant science fiction work of our generation.  I remember liking it but not completely understanding it. Over the years I have said that I would go back someday and read the Trilogy again from my perspective as an adult. I discovered that Asimov was pressured to write more books – so he wrote additional books to round out the Foundation series and now the total number is seven.

So I have begun the journey to read the Foundation Series. The first book is finished and I am reminded why I liked his writing style so much.