Get Off The Road!!!!!


Getting off the road implies removing oneself from harms way. –

This afternoon we noticed our neighbors were packing up. They had a Montana 5th wheel older than ours. They had been here for over a week so I felt that I should step out and say goodbye. The husband was packing up the hoses and pipes along with other outside stuff. He had some gloves on which means you do not shake hands. (It’s a black tank thing).

I asked where they were heading next and he told me that they had decided to get off the road. They have been full-timing for 7 years and have visited all the states (except Hawaii and Alaska) and were ready to kind of settle down. He shared that they have rented a condo right here iin St. Joe and that they were going to stay for a year or so and see if it works out. The nice part was that the condo offered room to park their 5th wheel.

They plan on being down south with their 5th wheel during the hard winter months but here in west Michigan most of the year. It was pretty interesting. It has been our experience that a lot of full-timers seem to get off the road between 7 and 10 years or they decide this is their lifestyle and they keep on going.

I shared with them that we have a lot of country to see yet so we were not finished yet….but St. Joe and Lake Michigan is an awesome place to “get off the road”.

I was so depressed that Mary prepared a fantastic meal and we ate outside in the beautiful afternoon sun. It’s a tough life.