Going Home

Our neighbors from Florida left this morning to go back to the “Sunny” state. He and his wife have been here for a few weeks and enjoyed hanging out with their daughter and son-in-law…along with the newborn grandson.

They have been full-timing for about 4 years and they have a pretty nice setup.

They have a nice Class “A” motor home….with the typical “toad” vehicle behind. However he also had a kind of “lift” that allowed him to haul his Honda 1800cc Goldwing. They enjoy riding when they are camped somewhere for a while. Apparently the carrier could be connected on the back of  a 5th wheel….hummmmm!!!!!

Mary got a chance to help when they were making a birthday cake for one of their family members. She loaned some icing bags and tips and helped a little with some frosting when the time came to get it ready. The “Cake Lady” was in action.

They will be back here next summer so we might see them again when we come back to visit our daughter, son-in-law and the 3 grand kids.