High Tech Euchre

EUCHRE – is a trick-taking card game most commonly played with four people in two partnerships with a deck of 24 standard playing cards…Euchre appears to have been introduced into the United States by the early German settlers of the state of Michigan and from that state gradually to have been disseminated throughout the nation. – Wikipedia

Today we stopped at a couple of garage sales. We only had about $6 between the two of us so we knew we were not going to buy much. Mary does the shopping and I chat with those running the sale.

Right away we found a baby bouncy chair that will be perfect for one of the twins coming in October. Then with a dollar in hand we visited a couple more sales – because we live in an RV we can’t buy a lot.

Then I saw it – a hand-carved, power-sanded, solid oak, perfectly finished Euchre scoring board….for just $1.

No longer will we have to question the score-keeping of the couples we play with. No longer will the fist fights break out between the husbands and wives start pulling each other’s hair out.

Finally there will be peace at the card table.