Project Work

We have a little fun saying that some chores are for the man to do…while others are for the woman. Mary manages the washing machine and I claim I don’t even know how to turn it on. When it comes to dealing with the “BLACK” sewer tank –  it is my job.

I wash vehicles…she irons shirts….I do the dishes…she prepares meals…I keep the technology running…she works the vacuum cleaner (again…not sure how to turn it on). If the lawn is required to be mowed…I get that one. Basically we both are up to doing any job around the RV that needs to be done.

Projects are another matter. Mary has a unique set of skills so I don’t mess with some things. She decided to re-cover the chair chushions and footstool for a glider rocker that our daughter had gotten at a garage sale. She had the material so she was focused on getting  it completed. Since we don’t have a work-room for the projects…the living room floor becomes the unofficial workbench.

The next thing on my project list was to replace a sewer pipe clamp. The previous one had broken a while ago and we ordered a new one. I had to drill out the old pop-rivets, secure the new clamp….and pop-rivet it into place. Sounded like man-work to me. I got the clamp installed but won’t be stress-testing it until it is time to move again which will be November…but it looks pretty solid.

Meanwhile the pads for the rocking chair were completed and delivered to our daughter’s home….and tested by the teddy bear.

Rain is heading this way so it is good to have these projects completed.