So What Do You Do All Day?

Our campground is near Lake Michigan and seems to get a fair amount of campers passing through. The neighbor on one side, from Florida, has been here a couple of weeks.  They are full-timers visiting their daughter who goes to a local college and just had her first child. They came to see the grandbaby.

The site on the other side of us has seen it’s share of people in and out of here.

During the weekend a couple pulled in with a trailer. They had a camp fire going so I went over and introduced myself. They were quite interested in the fact that we were full-timers. He and his wife went on and on about how much they get out and camp. They’ve had their trailer since 2006 and have been on 59 trips with it…mostly weekends.

They asked some questions about our rig and how we are setup. I got the usual questions about fuel mileage with the truck, if it was hard to drive in the wind, etc. Both of them kept coming back to fact that they were going full-time as soon as he retired from metal working.

There was a little silence and she asked, “So what do you do all day long when you are camping?” I loved it and I was reminded that some people can’t comprehend that the full-time life is just like any other living. You live.

I told her that we do exciting things like grocery shopping, watching TV, working, reading, taking walks, going to church, doing projects and keeping up with our chores. I also mentioned that we sometimes go to the beach or do local sightseeing.

In essence…we do the same thing in the RV as we did when we lived in our house. It was interesting to listen to someone who had not exactly thought it through. I do hope they get a chance to try it out someday.

By the way…I just came back from introducing myself to our new neighbor who just pulled in. He and his wife are here to visit their daughter and babysit the grand kids.

I wish I was better with names.