Taking Care of Business

The village of Berrien Springs owns this RV park and are always doing some improvements. The area we are camped in is new and being developed.

Since we are located along the St. Joseph river it makes sense that the village spends money to help attract visitors to generate tourist dollars.

About a week ago we read that the village was contracting with a construction firm to dredge out the river along the shores of the campground.

This campground’s history is that of a “fish camp” where people would come here to camp and fish. Apparently it is a big deal when the salmon start running….we will see.

There are a few fishing boat charters working at this location – they launch from the campground and have access to the river from here to Lake Michigan which is about 12 miles away. Apparently there is some serious fishing going on.

It looks like the next few days they will be dredging and removing a few tons of dirt so the boat launch will be available again to help the local charter companies.