Big Birthday Celebration

Our grandson, Ryan, turned 2 years old so it was time for a party. Since they are new to the neighborhood and his little friends live in other towns…it was a party for Ryan with parents and grandparents.

His favorite thing right now is anything to do with trains. His favorite show on TV is Thomas and Friends. It is an animation/cartoon all about Thomas and his other train friends. They have adventures and there is usually some moral to the story.

So the decision was made for his party to have a “Train” theme.

Mary made a train cake using Thomas bathtub toys, graham crakers, marshmallows, mini-Oreo cookies, and cupcakes. The final product was a train too good looking to be eaten…but we all buckled down and did our best.

Ryan was also given his very own eye-spy quilt similar to what Mary has made for each grandchild on their 2nd birthday.

Ryan was the center of attention by all doting grandparents and some very proud parents. It was all about Ryan.

With his new brother and sister due to arrive in the next weeks….Ryan’s world is about to change forever!!!