Care and Feeding

Care and Feedingproviding of what is needed for sustenance, well-being, or efficient operation (machines that don’t need a lot of care and feeding). –

Part of our overall plan is to be very deliberate about the care of our vehicles. If we are to continue doing this travel thing for the next 10+ years we want to make our investments last.

So far in our first year of travel we have put about 9,000 miles on the truck (versus about 25K miles on the car). We usually park the truck for the time we are in a campground and use the car for errands and such. About once a week I drive it about 20 miles and make sure all is well.

Today we went to a Ford dealership in Dowagiac to get an oil change and lube job for the truck. While we waited for them to finish we walked next door and had a sandwich at “Mr. Wahoo’s Eatery”. We did a couple of errands and traveled home.

I could swear the truck was smiling.