Chip Shot

Golf is a strange sport. You can read about it…study YouTube videos…read books to get the basics. However you cannot get better until you play play play.

I have not committed myself to the level of play needed, but I do attempt to stay current with my skills and do some level of workout with golf.

However ….I am cheap.

I don’t want to play somewhere that costs $30+ for a round of 18 holes. I want to play somewhere that is cheap…and doesn’t have a bunch of folks watching me whack the ball into the woods.

I found a small 9-hole course about 6 miles away with a driving range. It has no water hazards…and only 1 sand trap. It is totally level with just a few trees. A round of 9 holes costs only $10.

Duh…this is my kind of golf course.

Today, I hit a bucket of balls and then played a round of 9 holes. Apparently I did awesome…although I had no witnesses. The course will close in a week or two for the season so I better hurry and “Get er done”.