Construction Update

This is Saturday and we are working our way through a rainy weekend. I’m getting some work done and Mary is sewing. We are taking turns watching a decorating show or checking any college football game that involves the Big Ten.

We’ve mentioned before that our current campground is owned by the village of Berrien Springs. We have grass mowed and roads repaired by city workers and they do a great job.

When we moved into the campground a couple of months ago the manager told us they were building a new restroom and shower facility across the street from our lot. He said improvements being made to this section of the park wouldn’t be finished until the end of August.

Well – they didn’t exactly meet that deadline.

It seems to us there will be a flurry of work for a few days and then nothing for a week. The last couple of weeks contactors have been installing tile, plumbing and electrical. You can tell when a contractor is not an employee of the village…they work past 5:00pm!!!

They just finished the landscaping but there is still a bit of work to be completed on the plumbing and electrical. It’s interesting how they build things elevated in a flood plain. The big St. Joe river is only a few yards away so they need to protect everything while they wait for that 100 year flood!

I hope they hurry and get the doors installed!!!