LOLLAPALOOZA – The word—sometimes alternatively spelled and pronounced as lollapalootza or lalapaloosa— or “lallapaloosa” (P.G. Wodehouse – “Heart of a Goof”) dates from a late 19th/early 20th century American idiomatic phrase meaning “an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance.- Wikipedia

It was Labor Day weekend and we had no plans so we decided to go “down-state” to central Indiana. We visited with four of our grandkids and grandma was in her element.

We had time together with our granddaughters on the south side of Indianapolis and our grandsons on the north side. Oh yea….their parents were also there.

On Labor Day we got together with our daughter, her husband and grandson at Lake Michigan. Then – back at our campground – had a cook-out with them and parents of our son-in-law.

In all it was a great time to “check in” and remind the kids that the grandparents love them.