HANDY – clever in using the hands especially in a variety of useful ways (handy with a hammer as well as with a paintbrush) – merriam-webster.com

There are many ways to describe Mary and I often start with “beautiful, awesome, smart, artistic,….” and so forth.

If you had my entire list you would only have to go down a page or two to find the word “handy”.

She was raised in a family where it was natural to take it apart and try to fix it. This also meant if anything still had some usefulness but could be better…then you tried to clean it up, upgrade or re-decorate it to keep it going. She’s been working on some new pillows but decided to do some upgrades too.

Today she put new fabric on the footstool we found at a garage sale years ago. It was time to lose the leopard skin print of the ‘80s and upgrade it to the new century.

So now it is current and useful again.

Who knows how many lives it has gone through? Mary’s brother (Hi Dan and Jo) had powder-coated it years ago to clean up the frame so we know it has gone through a few variations.

If I could just lose my own wrinkles with just a new piece of fabric…..