Lost In The Shuffle

LOST IN THE SHUFFLE – if something or someone gets lost in the shuffle, they do not get the attention that they deserve. – thefreedictionary.com

When something is lost in the shuffle it really doesn’t disappear…it’s just no longer noticed. In our 42 years of marriage I have always felt that Mary’s birthday was one of those situations.

We were married at the age of 19 … just 5 days later she turned 20 (yes…she is a couple months older than me). Over the years her birthday has gotten attention on the big milestones … but it has never stood out and given the attention she deserves. Now with a grandson’s birthday happening during those 5 days…her special day was now officially in the back of the bus.

So I decided to give her a nice day.

First of all…you can’t go wrong stopping by McDonald’s to get a sausage, biscuit, and egg sandwich. We did and it put a smile on her face to be married to such a big spender.

We babysat with the 2-year old grandson and spent some quality time at a local playground while our daughter went to a doctor’s appointment. Grandma time is always good time.

Finally, we went into town at the end of a sunny 75 degree day and had dinner at one of our favorite spots located next to a Lake Michigan marina. We ate our food and watched the sun slowly disappear while seeing the beautiful boats in their slips. I gave her a nice birthday card and lots of hugs. I mentioned her birthday to the waitress and she got a free dessert.

Numerous Facebook happy wishes from family and friends, facetime with two grandsons, text message from oldest grandaughter, and a phone call from our west coast son ended the evening.

I won’t say what number this birthday is….but in a couple months she should receive a little check from our government.

Special day for a very special lady!!!!