Man vs. Furnace

We’ve owned a few houses and I have joked about waiting as late as possible to turn on the air conditioning in the spring….or the furnace in the fall. I’ve done it in a light-hearted manner but really did try to delay the inevitable. My wife has been good-natured with my silliness but has taken over control of the air conditioner for the last few years…period.

So now it is just “Man vs. Furnace”!!!!

For fun I used Halloween as the target date. If we made it to the end of October then life was good and I had won the battle. There have been many victories but there were a few years we had to fire up the furnace early. The RV we now live in is well-insulated but due to the lack of brick, wood and substantial building material…it does change temperature fairly quick.

You can imagine my shock when the weather forecast for last night (still September) called for a frost advisory. Since it wasn’t even October yet there was no question…the throw-down was on!!!

Our weapons of battle were limited but effective. First, we have an electric fireplace that works great. It gives a good vibe to the main room in the evening and heats the area well. However we don’t leave it on at night while sleeping. So we turned to other weapons…wedded bliss snuggling, feather blankets and corn bags that are microwaved and tossed under the covers to keep feet toasty.

Armed with a few blankets, socks and 2 trips to the microwave (coincided with bathroom breaks)….we made it. Today the weather was sunny and in the 60’s and tomorrow will be near 70 with more sun. So the early battle was engaged and the enemy defeated.

In the world of “Man vs. Furnace”…..Man has won!!!