Picture Perfect

PICTURE PERFECT … This phrase alludes to the idealized settings and composition of wedding photographs, in which every detail is managed to obtain a perfect result. The phrase was coined in the USA in the early 20th century; – www.phrases.org.uk

Today was decoration day at our daughter’s house. Since they moved into their rental they have been trying to make it look a little more like home. To accomplish this Mary helped Anne get their family photos mounted on the wall.

My only job for the day was to carry a heavy box in from the garage, make an emergency run to the hardware store for nails and play with the 2 year old….someone I can identify with intellectually…basically staying out of the way.

Within a few hours mother and daughter had designed the layouts and hung the frames. It was cool to see what a difference it made having the family memories on display.

It was a picture perfect day.