RV Road Tripping

Today, modern road tripping is a fast growing hobby, and not just a means of vacationing. Groups dedicated to the art of the road trip, known either as professional road trippers or road enthusiasts, are becoming prevalent online.

Road tripping, to some, has indeed become an art. Road enthusiasts frequently debate on proper gear, attire, and electronics. – Wikipedia

Today we took a short road trip with our mobile home. Trouble was the trip was not exactly a pleasure outing.

A few days ago the electric part our water heater stopped working. The morning we realized it was not working was the same time I thought I smelled burning plastic in the living room. We switched the heater to propane but since we purchase our propane and the electricity is free as part of our monthly campground fee . . .

We started a troubleshooting effort – I checked to make sure the circuit breaker was not tripped, then I did a reset on the high-low temperature switch – but nothing worked. We figured the problem must be a switch, thermostat or (gasp) the heating element – all of which were beyond my skill set to repair.

We called the Keystone corporate center in Goshen and they directed us to an RV dealership in Elkhart, Indiana about 40 miles away. Our unit was still under warranty so we were hoping to hang onto our money. The dealership told us to bring the RV to them and sometime during the day it would be repaired. So we planned to do a couple of things in the area while waiting.

We left the campground at 7:00AM and we were on the road. We arrived in Elkhart shortly after 8:00AM. The technician did a short troubleshooting session and within an hour the high-low switch which controls the temperature in the tank was replaced. The wiring at the connection had melted which explained the smell of burned plastic.

The good news was there was no cost to us and it was fixed in about 60 minutes. We were back at the campground by 10:00AM.

The only bad news was that the round trip cost us about $35 in fuel…
but it was all good.