Virtual Maintenance

Maintenance is important in all aspects of life. Some things we can do ourselves. We wash and wax vehicles, keep the RV holding tanks in good working condition, charge the water softener and change the water filter every so often.

Some of the things we don’t do ourselves include the maintenance on the car, truck and RV…but we do schedule the work to be done.

This week was virtual maintenance week. We have a lot of gadgets including PCs, tablets, smartphones and MP3 players…and this week we were busy.

With the release of the new iPhone5, Apple also released their new operating system IOS 6. Mary worked updating her iPhone 4 and iPAD – then checked out the new look and applications. I upgraded the iPOD Touch.

Today I got an alert on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Apparently the latest operating system called “Jelly Bean” was released to compete with the iPhone 5 and it is pretty cool. I now feel like I’m one of the people in the TV commercials making fun of the others who are waiting in line for their new iPhone. I already have the cool stuff.

We both love technology and after a long day, we feel our virtual maintenance has been a success.

We are now “cool” again…until the next release of software!!