Arts and Craft Circuit

We enjoy going to art shows, festivals, flea markets and craft shows. Each of them have a little different flavor and are opportunities to get out of the RV and checkout the local folks. A small parking or entrance fee can give hours of entertainment.

If you like to see what people create then art shows and craft gatherings are really interesting. If you like to “people watch” then these gatherings are the best. All ages and backgrounds come…including all sizes. Old folks, groups of ladies and a few domesticated husbands following close behind some female made for a parade of humanity.

The craft show we went to today was one of the biggest we have been to. It was at the Berrien County Fairgrounds and many of the buildings were filled with vendors as well as tents outside.  As we were walking around, Mary commented that she saw “Pinterest” everywhere!!! She was right. Many of the items that people were selling were things that were “pinned” online.

We were there early in the morning so we could get to our daughter’s house to help with Ryan and celebrate our son-in-law’s birthday. We assumed we would be in and out quickly but were quite surprised how many hundreds of people were there. We had to wait in line to get in and when we left cars were sill coming in.

Who knew?