Births on Auto-Pilot

Automatic Pilot: a cognitive state in which you act without self-awareness. –

When you are waiting for the birth of a child the anticipation is high because babies have their own time-table.

We have been in Michigan for the last 3 months to be near our daughter and son-in-law as we wait for the birth of their twins. We have been available for running errands, light housekeeping and baby sitting for their 2 year old.

The birth will be a Cesarean procedure so they set a date – unless the babies wanted to come earlier.

Tomorrow morning is the day and we all feel like we are on some sort of auto-pilot. We spent the day with her and went over the game plan – how to get to the hospital, what time we would be there and generally what would happen in the next few days.

The babies could still come tonight but for now we’re just on cruise control.

Next stop….Kalamazoo