Bust A Move

Bust a Move – to leave (a place). : Let’s bust a move. Lots to do tomorrow. – http://dictionary.reference.com

Our daughter and son-in-law have a house in Indiana they have been trying to sell. They moved most of their “stuff” out and into the rental house in Michigan…and staged the Indiana house with a few pieces furniture. Once they listed the house with a real estate broker it sold in 48 hours!!! The process has moved forward – the home inspection is done, the buyers are approved and the bank appraisal is done . . . waiting now for a closing date.

The next goal was to empty the house and do the maintenance items the buyers requested. So just 5 days after the twins were born…our caravan headed to Indiana. We had a very large Ford truck pulling a flat-bed trailer and a Toyota Sienna minivan pulling a covered trailer. We were ready.

We traveled the 2 hours to Indiana, then mowed the lawn, packed up the remaing “stuff” from the garage and house and got up on the roof to seal the chimney as requested by the buyers. We left the house ready for occupancy. We finished the return trip by unloading both trailers at the Michigan house and placing furniture where it belongs. The move is done!!!

It was funny to realize that more than likely we would never visit this Indiana town again.