Hoosier Travelers

This last weekend we had visitors from our old stomping grounds of Indiana. Ian and Sherri drove up to checkout the area of Michigan we are camped in and visit for a couple of days. They had been to a Lake Michigan beach town years ago but this was a good time of the year to check out what goes on away from the coast.

Since the weather was beautiful, we took the opportunity to go to Silver Beach in St. Joseph and see the lake and town during the off-season. The temperatures were close to 70 degrees and we saw a couple of brave souls dipping their toes into the water. We walked around town and had dinner at one of our favorite spots. After dinner we watched the sun set at a small lake overlook park along the highway. Then it was back to the RV to get caught up.

On Saturday we visited Niles, Michigan and attended the annual Apple Festival which is a big deal in this area. Again the weather was excellent and there was no need for jackets because the sun was hot. We drove through the country side looking at the vineyards and orchards which are everywhere. We also stopped at a produce market along the way for some fresh fruit. We ended our drive spending some time in South Haven walking the beach to the lighthouse.

We got back to the campground in time to participate in a cookout sponsored by the park management. Ian and Sherri got a chance to hangout with some of those crazy RV-types.

Sunday they visited our temporary church home (got their “Woohoo” back) and then it was back home to the Indiana Heartland.

Thanks for a good weekend of fellowship!!!